Feb 6, 2021

Podcast: The Deming Cycle and Clubhouse

Entrepreneurship & Art

George, Dan and Carly talk about how the rebellious nature of movements like Occupy Wall Street led to the GameStop trading frenzy. The three also share their first impressions of Clubhouse and talk through how they intend to use it — in real time! Some other exciting announcements are made like the new Female Founders branch that Carly will be spearheading.

Show Notes

Three Things


  • Watching: Veep! He gets it, finally. Are you watching yet?
  • Drinking: One gallon of water a day with his new water bottle that keeps him on track and motivated throughout the day. You will not, however, catch him traveling or hiking with his new gigantic bottle
  • Listening: To Mike Doughty, inspired by a conversation in our most recent E&A hang, and marveling at his production, his lyrics and overall talent.


  • Listening: To Petty: The Biography, the audiobook, by Warren Zanes. It’s the incredible story of Petty’s life but she’s also loving Zanes’ beautiful writing
  • Watching: The Good Place, it’s easy to watch, has a great cast (shout out to the dapper Ted Danson), but also makes you think about ethics and what’s important in life
  • Reminiscing: With old photo albums and feeling nostalgic for the days when we could go places and see the people we love


  • Quoting: Jackson Pollock, “Painting is self-discovery. Every good artist paints what he is.” (make your Pollock here)
  • Loving: D.C.’s go-go and some new facts he’s learned like that there is a new Sirius XM station devoted to go-go called Crank Radio, and that the mayor of D.C. made go-go the official music of the region in 2020
  • Anticipating: Questlove’s new documentary Summer of Soul about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival that recently premiered at Sundance

Entrepreneurship & Art