Podcast: Misogyny and Moving to Discord

Misogyny is everywhere, including the E&A community. Carly, George, and Dan devote some of this episode to explore a recent experience Carly endured, compounded by the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard, and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the future to create safe spaces for women. They’re also saying goodbye to Slack. Carly has a new podcast (don’t worry, she will not be leaving E&A).

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Musicians, here's how to use your data (2021 Update)

The concept of “data” is often an abstract one for artists and musicians (and even labels). You know that you have data in the form of insights from streaming services and contact information from fans. However, the applications of this data are not clear.

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Finding Your Why: Lauren Alexandra on Empowering Women, Betting on Yourself and Embracing Change

There are some unfortunate things that we all know to be true when it comes to women in the workforce. Women are paid less, promoted less, and shoulder more, if not all, of the emotional labor. Without leaders to look to, many young women are left searching for guidance, support, and access to other women. It was exactly this experience in her own life that led Lauren Alexandra to not only build a business but find her purpose.

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