Building RAIDAR: A Student-Run Blockchain Music Licensing Platform

Guest writer Josef Kiefer shares his experience building the RAIDAR music licensing platform while a student at Berklee.

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A Counterintuitive Approach to Idea Valuation

Far too often entrepreneurs have “solutions” that are looking for problems. Far better to look at existing “solutions” and develop products, services, or art that provides a better experience for the customer than the existing choices.

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Podcast: NFTs and Interdependent Networks

Mat Dryhurst joins George, Carly and Dan this week to answer all sorts of important questions. Is New Zealand the best place to live? Are we living in a sim? Is post-modernism the metaverse? They also talk about the future of Web 3.0, the major flaw of pay-per-stream models, and the similarities between NFTs, the music industry, the art world, venture capitalists, and sex work.

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