Jun 23, 2021

Podcast: Life Post-COVID and VR as an Empathy Tool

Entrepreneurship & Art

Dan, George, and Carly talk about what life post-COVID may look like. Will conferences stay virtual? What about livestreams and concerts? Is it finally VR’s time to shine?

Show Notes

Three Things

  • Watching: Reverb’s The Pedal Movie, a full-length documentary about effect pedals (which also happens to be genius content marketing)
  • Loving: Erroll Garner’s Liberation In Swing: Centennial Collection, which includes four vinyl records, 12 CDs, a vintage 1967 promotional box from his private archive featuring five 7-inch 45rpm singles, a cassette of his final performance and a hardcover cloth-wrapped 60-page book with essays, unpublished original artwork and previously unseen photos. Whew!
  • Listening: To the album Movies by Slow Pulp. His favorite song on the record is Trade It
  • Listening: To Hidden Brain’s episode “Humor Us”, where they explore the humor cliff and the benefits of laughter from a health perspective. Listen to it!
  • Using: Zero Waste MVMT, a sustainable eco-friendly essentials shop handmade in Canada
  • Recommending: Verso’s free e-books about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Ten Myths About Israel by Ilan Pappe and An Army Like No Other by Haim Bresheeth-Zabner
  • Listening: To the new Marianne Faithfull and Warren Ellis album, She Walks In Beauty, a very dark, but beautiful record
  • Listening pt2: To the new St. Vincent album, Daddy’s Home, an artsy 70s homage
  • Eating: Red Boat fish sauce, the ultimate umami source, and he implores you to also put it on everything

Entrepreneurship & Art