Sep 3, 2020

Podcast: Music and Politics & Musicians and their Politics

Entrepreneurship & Art

George, Dan, and Carly are joined by Mark Kates, the founder of Fenway Recordings. The four discuss music and politics, musicians who stay silent versus those who speak up.

Show Notes

Three Things



  • Listening: To Jim Adkins’, of Jimmy Eat World, new podcast Pass-Through Frequencies. He recommends the Chris Carrabba episode, not the first one
  • Listening pt 2: To the Sea Girls new album Open Your Head and reading the liner notes in which Henry Camamile shares his experience with post concussion syndrome and depression
  • Listening pt 3: To Your Smith, FKA Caroline Smith, one of his quarantine playlist staples


  • Drinking: Oatly, a Swedish oat milk brand, which unfortunately has since been caught up in some less than positive press
  • Binging: Binging the entire second season Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story and swooning over Amanda Peet’s performance
  • Learning: About Indigenous Canada, a free course offered by the University of Alberta, histories and contemporaries from an indigenous perspective. Dan Levy is also hosting weekly discussions with the professors to dive deeper in an effort to “actively relearn history”


Entrepreneurship & Art