Apr 6, 2021

Podcast: Misogyny and Moving to Discord

Entrepreneurship & Art

Misogyny is everywhere, including the E&A community. Carly, George, and Dan devote some of this episode to explore a recent experience Carly endured, compounded by the disappearance and murder of Sarah Everard, and what can be done to prevent it from happening in the future to create safe spaces for women. They’re also saying goodbye to Slack. Carly has a new podcast (don’t worry, she will not be leaving E&A).

Show Notes

Three Things


  • Listening: To her GOOD MORNING playlist to get inspired and energized in the mornings or anytime she needs a mood boost throughout the day
  • Loving: Her new lock screen image of toddler Carly, a creative prompt given to her by Piera Gelardi, that makes her smile every time she sees it
  • Listening pt 2: To the Welcome to Your Fantasy podcast, which explores the pretty fascinating history of Chippendales


  • Playing: Maquette, a fun and beautiful immersive first-person recursive puzzle game that feels more like an art project than a video game
  • Decorating: His apartment with his new minimalist wooden map of London done by Street Carvings. Thanks Instagram targeting!
  • Listening: To Mark Hoppus’ After School Radio on Apple Music where he interviews other artists and explores the alternative music scene that he’s been apart for the last three decades


  • Loving: Releases on the Thrill Jockey, one of the few female-run indie labels; especially desert blues (his fave!) albums from artists such as Sidi Touré
  • Playing: Tetris Effect on the Oculus Quest, which has had an almost meditative effect on him
  • Praising: Carly and her egoless work. George has been using her persona articles in his marketing class at Berklee and they have catalyzed some of the best work he’s gotten from students

Entrepreneurship & Art