Jan 23, 2021

Podcast: Keytars, Spotify’s Big Bet, and Value Statements

Entrepreneurship & Art

George, Dan and Carly talk about why Spotify may never make a profit with their business model, how smart contracts could be the key to social media moderation at scale, and the importance of imbuing ethics into your business proactively versus reactively. Carly forgets how many weeks are in a year.

Show Notes

Three Things



  • Listening: To the audio version of Rachel Kushner’s article The Hard Crowd, published in The New Yorker about aging. The piece quotes Bob Dylan “He not busy being born; is busy dying” which Jimmy Carter also used in his acceptance speech, a statement George feels is relevant today for America and himself, too
  • Listening pt 2: The Great Gatsby is officially in the public domain and somewhat oddly, but beautifully, NPR’s Planet Money did a reading of the book
  • Quoting: Ekhart Tolle, “The world is not here to make you happy. It's here to make you conscious.”


  • Wearing: Her PANGAIA, a materials science company, hoodie. They make comfortable clothes using innovative tech and bio-engineered materials, but what Carly also loves is that they want to make their materials and technology available to companies across other industries too
  • Using: Native deodorant, a vegan and cruelty-free deodorant that actually works! They have plastic free versions and you can choose three packs of your choice to find your favorite scent. She recommends the charcoal. #NotAnAd
  • Listening: To The Worst Idea of All Time podcast where the two hosts watch Adam Sandler’s movie Grown Up 2 which, and they can’t stress this enough, you should not ever watch. If you’re like George, here’s episode one, episode two and episode three

Entrepreneurship & Art